Kérdés: I have been renting from a property management company since Sept. 4, 2019 and hold a contract with them. The contract was not renewed in Sept. of 2020 (covid did play a part in this). I am presently still living in the apartment. Since I have moved in, the property management company has not provided me with payment receipts, all the utility bills, and took 16 business days to fix a boiler that caused a leak in the ceiling (the contract says 8 business days to fix a problem). During the boiler change, the contractor destroyed the bathroom. I presently have a cracked in half sink that leaks water into the vanity, damaged the walls, and shattered the shower stall. I have no proper way to shower. I have payed all of the fees as listed in the contract up till now but am not clear what I have been paying. I want reimbursements for my present living conditions and feel I will not get my deposit back when I move. What will happen if I refuse to pay my fees? Can they evict me?

Válasz: Dear Sir/Madam, the Landlord guarantees the proper and contractual condition of the apartment at the time of the hand-over and during the full term of the contract, in this case the Landlord does not properly perform his obligations so You are allowed to terminate the contract in writing with immediate effect, moreover You are entitled to have compensation due to the Landlord’s breach of contract. If You hand the leased apartment in proper and contractual condition over to the Lessor, the Lessor should return the deposit to You within 3 (three) days after the termination of the contract or otherwise the remaining sum after the deduction of the unpaid rent etc. It’s unadvised to refuse paying because the Landlord may recoup the fee from your deposit. If You break your contract in a serious way the Landlord may evict You.